Where Are You Most Beautiful?


Jasey Stanley (text), Sakshi Mangal (Illustrator), Where Are You Most Beautiful?, Nurture with Words, March 2019, 34 pp,. $19.95 (hbk), ISBN 9780648449904

Written as a letter from a mother to her child, Where Are You Most Beautiful? encourages children to see beauty as something that comes from within, highlighting qualities such as kindness, love, strength and wisdom.

This is a short book and the text is presented with lots of white space and large font which would be easy for an early reader to read. Key words are emphasised with colour. It is a beautiful book to look at, with gorgeous, childlike illustrations. To help engage children, there is a challenge to find the dog and dots on every page of the book. The text is written in rhyming couplets which sometimes works well, but at times doesn’t seem to sit right rhythmically.

The ending of the book poses a question to the reader: ‘what things do you do that make your heart beautiful?’ This is a lovely way to engage children in discussion to reinforce the theme of the book. The last page contains a mirror with a little poem – a very sweet touch.

Aimed at building self-esteem, this book would be good for children from 3 to 6 years of age.

Reviewed by Rebecca Blakeney

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