Watch Out for the Crocodile


watch out for the crocodile

MORONI, Lisa (text) Eva Eriksson (illus.) Watch Out for the Crocodile Gecko Press, 2014 unpaged NZ$20.00 pbk ISBN 9871877579905 

Tora is blessed with a wonderful imagination that she needs to compensate for a city-based Dad who is always sitting at his computer and talking on his phone.  He is a boring Dad.  When Dad announces that they are going camping in the forest, Tora is overjoyed, but boring Dad goes to the supermarket to buy the necessities of life.  How boring!  In the forest you go hunting.  Even when they are in the forest, Dad is preoccupied with his GPS as Tora searches for wild things.  She sees them everywhere, and slowly so does Dad!  Dad proves to be the best Dad in the world when he takes up the persona of being an explorer.  Then Dad sees the world from Tora’s point of view and has to fight off a crocodile!

Originally published in Sweden, this is a delightful book to explore father/daughter relationships: it really needs a Dad to read it aloud to his daughter!  JMcK

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