Tom and Tilly Fly Away


tom and tilly

ROBAARD, Jedda Tom and Tilly Fly Away Black Dog, 2014 unpaged $24.95 ISBN 9781922179906 SCIS 1661098

This charming story describes the adventures of Tom and his little teddy Tilly as they zoom off aboard their paper aeroplane and get back home in time for lunch.  The short, large print text describing the exciting sights is expanded by the softly coloured illustrations, which show the real version of the scenery.  There are lots of visual clues and jokes – note the paper from which the plane is made – with simple instructions on how to make your own paper aeroplane at the back of the book.  End papers show the flight path around the garden.  Delightful fun for early childhood.

reviewed by Chlöe Mauger

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