The Wishbird


the wishbird

WANG, Gabrielle The Wishbird Puffin, 2013 185pp $14.99 pbk IBSN 9780143307525 SCIS 1616690

The Wishbird is a fantasy about two children: Oriole who lives contently in the Forest of Birds until she has to leave to save her friend and guardian Mellow, a hoopoe bird, and Boy who is a thief in the City of Soulless.  The City of Soulless is a city where music and bright colours are banned, the townspeople speak in monotones and all the forests were cut down and any bird, which could not escape, was killed.  Oriole must go there to speak to the King to save Mellow, but her journey is fraught with danger as she speaks with a singing tongue.

The Wishbird is a beautifully written and has all the elements of a gripping fairy tale; brave children who are alone in the world, villains, talking birds, wind that passes on messages, kings, princes, princesses, beautiful jewels and lots and lots of magic.  Suitable for 10 years and over.  KG

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