The Way In (88 Lime Street #1)



Denise Kirby,  The Way In (88 Lime Street #1),  Scholastic, 1 May 2015,  272pp.,  $16.99 (pbk),  ISBN: 9781742991009

This is a great book for readers who like to work with puzzles. It is set in an interesting and intriguing old house that’s full of secrets just waiting to be explored.  The house has a mind and a personality of its own which provides the characters with all sorts of dilemmas to work through. Ellen and her family are the newest family to reside in this house but it is really only Ellen who is fully in tune with the house’s mysteries. Although she feels some affinity with the house, she finds life in her new school difficult, her relationships with her family fraught  and she is unsure of how to deal with the problems that face her.  Her ability to sort through problems, the relationships that are opened up to her through her residency in the house and the dangers she faces, pave the way for her to become a much stronger and self sufficient individual. This book friendship and adventure is suitable for readers from 10-14 years.

Reviewed by Sue Clancy


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