The Ultimate Animal Alphabet Book


Jennifer Cossins, The Ultimate Animal Alphabet Book, Lothian Children’s Books, October 2020, 60 pp., RRP $29.99 (hbk), ISBN  9780734420091

Featuring over 400 animal species, The Ultimate Animal Alphabet Book is brimming with colourful illustrations and quirky facts. Each letter of the alphabet spans a double page spread and includes all manner of creatures from domestic to exotic. Every animal is labelled, and many are accompanied by an unusual fact. The vibrant illustrations are appealing and scattered across the spread. The annotations are written in a casual font which gives a notebook feel.

There is the right amount of text to graphics, allowing readers to dip in and out of pages or sections. The intriguing species and bite-sized facts are tasty morsels that could lead enquiring minds to further research. As I read, I found myself marvelling out loud and wanting to find out more (particularly how to pronounce some of the exotic names – try xoloitzcuintli!) I can imagine a parent and child sharing this text together with a device on hand. Children of all ages can enjoy this book, especially trivia lovers and budding zoologists. Jennifer Cossins’ books are always a delight.

Reviewed by Sharon Seymour

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