The Relic of the Blue Dragon (Children of the Dragon, #1)


Rebecca Lim, Children of the Dragon (The Relic of the Blue Dragon #1), Allen & Unwin, July 25 2018, 192 pp., $14.99 (pbk), ISBN: 9781760297367

This is the first action packed title in the Children of the Dragon Series, and wow what an adventure Rebecca Lim has readers embark on!

We share in the journey of Harley Spark, the ordinary thirteen year old, who lives with his mother. Everything was ordinary, until the day he decides to do something a little unlike him. He takes home an interesting looking vase left on a footpath; and that one small action changes the course of his life – why? It is an ancient vase containing one of the five dragon sisters, Qing; who Harley accidentally and dramatically releases from the vase. Qing has been trapped in there for centuries, and her release reignites an old powerful war between two ancient and powerful supernatural families. Harley finds himself suddenly on a very dangerous mission to free Qing’s four sisters; how does he do this? Or does he?

Rebecca Lim beautifully entwines magic, mystery and Asian mythology, whilst depicting common and relatable family dynamics between Harley’s mother and father; and exploring Harley’s own relationship with his mother and father. It certainly serves as a reminder of Harley’s humanness in the new world of supernatural powers he finds himself in. Adding to the mystery of the story is the questionable line of work Harley’s father has been in for a number of years, as it becomes increasingly real for Harley, that maybe his father has been leading a life of crime. Will he discover the truth about his dad?

This dangerous mission features mystical martial arts throughout, that creates a whole new level of action and unexpectedness, that keeps the story moving at a fast pace, and the pages turning fast, as the reader quickly learns that anything is possible.

The suspense built in this book is fantastic, and easily entices the reader to want more; making the second book in the series The Race for the Red Dragon one to look forward to!

A fantastic, originally themed series for children aged 11-14 years.

Reviewed by Sonia Bestulic

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