The Hug


Kirilee Furlong (text), Mel Craig (illus.),  The Hug, Wonderful Me, Sept 2017, 32pp.,  $24.75 (hbk), ISBN: 9780987619006

The Hug is an endearing picture book that seems best suited to read-aloud story times because of its interactive nature. Designed to personally involve children and leave them feeling empowered, a major element of the text is its use of the second person point of view.

The Hug is the story of a cute but lonely little character called The Hug, who befriends YOU (i.e. the child being read to) and, after being accepted, hops into YOUR pocket where it will always ready to provide an encouraging hug as needed. And when isn’t a good time for a hug?

You have already achieved greatness just by being YOU!

Rhyming quatrains exploring themes of friendship, love, self-worth and empowerment beg to be read aloud, although the metre and flow are not always flawless.

The child-like illustrations in crayon and mixed media are very attractive and accessible.

Suited to preschoolers.

Reviewed by Julie Murphy

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