Success in School and Career


success in school and career

NELSON-ROYES, Andrea M. Success in School and Career Rowman & Littlefield Education, 2014 229pp £21.95 pbk ISBN 9781475801828

Although this text relates specifically to the use of Common Core Standards in language arts K-5 in the US context, it will be of interest to educators, particularly those working in the area of literacy, who want to understand or compare the directions of their own experience with those in another country.  It provides an historical context, a comprehensive explanation of different aspects of the process of understanding the standards, their implementation and their use for assessment, as well as an extensive appendix of the standards, and associated information.  The information is extremely detailed and contains a lot of acronyms which, while explained, take some time getting used to if you are not familiar with them.

reviewed by Sue Clancy

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