Stay in Line; Mind on the Job; Pick Your Moment; Name of the Game; Seeing Red and Fear Factor


Fear Factor Mind on the Job Name of the Game Pick Your Moment Seeing Red Stay in Line















SHERLOCK, Dr Deberea & Aisling Mulvihill (text) Marc Lynch (illus.) Stay in Line ISBN 9780992311803; Mind on the Job ISBN 9780992311810; Pick Your Moment ISBN 9780992311827; Name of the Game ISBN 9780992311834; Seeing Red ISBN 9780992311841; Fear Factor ISBN 9780992311858 M.A.S.T.E.R. Institute Pub (The Ant Patrol), 2013 unpaged $24.95 ea $149.95 set ISBN 9780992311865

This is a package of six large-format paperback books designed to assist with children’s social and emotional development.  Each of the books can stand alone but they have been designed for sequential use.  The books open with a story of an ant who is having difficulties with self control and social awareness in a variety of situations.  The stories are interspersed with questions to help children understand the issues and how to manage them.  They are intended for guided use with a teacher, parent or other adult.  There are supplementary notes for adults that explain the authors’ central belief in self-talk to enable children to control their behaviour.  The stories are illustrated with colourful full-page cartoon-style drawings.  Presented in a flimsy slip case that is not strong enough to hold the six books.  Ages 6 -11.

reviwed by Elizabeth Douglas

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