Snail and Turtle are Friends


Snail and turtle are friends

KING, Stephen Michael Snail and Turtle are Friends Scholastic, 2014 unpaged $24.99 ISBN 9781743620236 SCIS 1660445

With Snail and Turtle happily smiling out at the reader from the cover, we can guess that this is a heart-warming tale for very young children.  It is a day in the life of the two friends where we can see that although they are friends, they like different things and they do the same thing differently.  Stephen Michael King uses white spaces extremely well in this book, which makes it accessible for the very young.  There are details within the uncluttered illustrations, which can be searched for to enhance the reading and sharing experience, like bugs on leaves, bites taken out of leaves and paint patterns on leaves.  The illustrations have a shiny quality to them and observant readers will be able to follow Snail’s shiny trail on some pages and the front and back covers.  A gentle book to share with very young children.

reviewed by Julie Long

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