Shout Out to the Girls


Shout Out to the Girls, Random House Australia, 26 Feb 2018, 224pp.,  $29.99 (hbk),  ISBN: 9780143789420 

Shout Out to the Girls is a wonderful new compilation of 50 stories of awesome Australian women from the past and present; celebrating the passion, achievements and influence these amazing people have, and continue to have, on the lives of many. Some of the woman featured are well known: Betty Cuthbert, Cate Blanchett, Cathy Freeman, Edith Cowan, Germaine Greer and Julia Gillard. But there are many others like the mechanic and chauffeur Alice Anderson (1897-1926), Dharmica Mistry, microbiologist (1987) and Rally car driver Molly Taylor (1988) who continue to push gender stereotypes and societal boundaries, showing woman of all ages that they can truly achieve their dreams and influence society for the better. 

Conceived, written and produced by a group of largely female staff from Penguin Random House, the biographies are accompanied by illustrations by over 30 talented local female artists. Each woman is given a brief introduction summarising their contribution followed by a double spread to capture something of their lives and inspire further reading. All royalties from sales will go to The Smith Family to support better educational outcomes for Australian kids. 

A terrific addition to the home or school library this collection of inspirational Australian women reflects how far we have come in the fight for gender equality and goes some way in influencing future generations, both male and female, to continue the fight but also live life to the fullest.  Highly recommended for readers  9+.

Reviewed by Mem Capp

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