Purrs, Paws and Claws


Purrs, paws and claws

McCLEARY, Errol Purrs, Paws and Claws Scholastic (NZ), 2014 unpaged NZ$19.50 pbk ISBN 9781775432272 SCIS 1646671 

If you like to read and speak about mighty moggies and prancing pussies, then this collection of limericks and nursery rhymes focused on purrs, paws and claws, aimed at younger readers, is a must.  Did you know that:

On the starship, Mighty Forcer,
lived a spacecat, Greedy Pawser.
He goes to bed and then gets fed,
from a bottle and a flying saucer

The illustration for this limerick adds some delightful touches with emergency cat-flaps and confused rats as well as sound reasons for believing in the milky way!  Meanwhile,

Two little pussycats, sitting on the wall,
one called Peter and one called Paul.
Roll over Peter, leap onto Paul.
Paul and Peter, one fur ball!

gives you some idea on how the traditional nursery rhyme can be given a modern make-over.  For the lateral-thinking parent/teacher, this picture book is a great base to encourage children’s creativity.  Recommended.

reviewed by John McKenzie

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