One Christmas Wish


Katherine Rundell (text),  Emily Sutton (illus.),  One Christmas Wish,  Bloomsbury, 1 Nov 2017,  64pp.,  $24.99 (hbk),  ISBN: 9781408885734

One Christmas Wish is a short story about Theo, a lonely boy whose workaholic parents are seldom home.  On Christmas Eve, as he sits alone, he sees an odd-looking star and decides to make a wish.  He wishes to have some company – to be “un-alone”.  Magically, the Christmas tree decorations come to life and so a story begins of Theo’s adventures with the mischievous Christmas decorations as he helps them to each achieve their own special wish.

This is a sweet story that has the charm of an old world, magical Christmas tale as well as a contemporary flavour.  I especially love the illustrations which accompany the text.  They evoke a sense of a frosty, dream-like European Christmas. Beautiful, detailed, double spread illustrations are interspersed through the story. The gorgeous dustcover illustration literally sparkles.

This is a lovely book to be enjoyed by adults and children, about 5-9 years old, at Christmas time.  It has been included in The Guardian magazine’s list of “The best children’s books of 2017” and for good reason.

Reviewed by Barbara Swartz

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