Mummy, You’re Special to Me


Mummy you're special to me

MITCHELL, Laine (text) Kim Fleming (illus.) Mummy, You’re Special to Me Scholastic, 2014 unpaged $16.99 ISBN 9781742839813

The key character in this text is a baby giraffe, and although many other animal babies are depicted with their mums, the little giraffe is always present trying out and experiencing different things.  The narrative visits many animals and moves across varied landscapes such as, underwater, in the jungle, on the beach, in the desert, in the Antarctic, all offering the possibility for a wide range of verbal interactions with young children.  They will also relate to the circular structure of the narrative that enables the baby giraffe to move from the comfort of his own environment into new places, but then to return to the safety of his own home.

The illustrations are captivating in the way the characters are portrayed, the vibrancy of the colours used and the humorous aspects of youngsters at play.  The text, which is rhyming and repetitive, strongly endorses the special relationship that exists between mother and child making it most suitable to young readers 3-6 years.  Sue Clancy

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