Marvellous Me


Marvellous me

BOYLE, Angela (text) Carolyn Rose (illus.) Marvellous Me Little Steps, 2014 unpaged $14.95 pbk ISBN 9781925117127

This is a great book for building self-esteem in children.  It takes the reader on a marvellous journey of self-discovery, exploring that it is not what we do or what we have but who we are that makes each of us special.  The magic inside each of us and that ‘just being ‘me, myself and I’ is the most wonderful gift you’ve got!’  Beautifully illustrated, each picture is a wonderful depiction of our inner angels, exploring how special and unique each person is, and how opinions shouldn’t be formed based on what people have and what they do but how they treat you.

reviewed by Katie Poidomani

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