Macca the Alpaca


Matt Cosgrove, Macca the Alpaca Koala Books, Feb 2018, 24pp., $16.99 (hbk),  ISBN 9781743816332

Macca the alpaca is a most endearing creature. Not only does he have wide, friendly eyes rimmed with long, luscious eyelashes but he is white, cuddly and happy with a sunny disposition – until he meets Harmer the llama, a tall, strong, woolly bully. What follows is a classic brain vs brawn contest with Macca outwitting the llama in each contest, until Harmer admits he was wrong and Macca gives him a (you guessed it) hug.

The illustrations in this picture book are comical but endearing, especially the cover, and the rhyming text is ideal for reading aloud. While the animals’ names have obviously been created to rhyme with their species, the text also sometimes seems a little contrived for the same reason but is still fun to read. The facial expressions on the pair show the feelings being experienced and although the story is not highly original, the manner in which it is told and the appealing, attractive illustrations make it a fun read and discussion-starter for young readers.

Reviewed by Lynne Babbage

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