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Herve Tullet, Let’s Play, Allen & Unwin,  April 2016,  60 pages,  $22.99 (hbk),  ISBN: 9781760292980

Following on from the wildly successful Press Here and Mix It Up, French author and illustrator Herve Tullet has created another playful, colourful interactive book.

Yellow dot is bored and invites the reader to play by pressing the page here and there to make it move around or by pressing it, the dot multiplies or changes colour or jumps. The reader is also instructed to trace lines with their finger, clap and spin etc. By turning each page the reader discovers the effect of their actions.

There are some riotously funny moments in Let’s Play, like when dot ends up on the reader’s head, however other aspects, like tracing the line, didn’t grab me as much – I think because on these pages it loses the cause and effect connection. The hide-and seek page also is confusing due to the placement of the dot. What this book does introduce well is feelings – playful, scared, uneasy, and exuberant.

This is another amazingly simple and engaging book that offers so much – teaching cause and effect, colours, counting, following instructions and feelings all within a seemingly magical book.

The solid cardboard cover and thicker than usual pages, give this book a durability that is needed for heaps of interactive fun for children two to five years.

Reviewed by Debra Tidball


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