Kissed by the Moon


kissed by the moon

LESTER, Alison Kissed by the Moon Viking, 2013 unpaged $19.95 ISBN 9780670076758  SCIS 1626632

This is a beautiful picture book written in the style of a blessing, eg: ‘May you wake up to birdsong’, ‘May dogs and cats follow you, love you and watch over you’, ‘May you, my baby, make sprinkles of sand’.  These are not in any particular order.  They are just my favourites.

The pictures are also lovely.  I like the soft pinks, blues and purples of dawn, the baby’s teething ring, the little bug-eyed creatures in the sand, the white spots of rain against a yellow background, the Australian native birds and animals in and under the trees, the ferns, the fish, and the big yellow flowers.  Kissed by the Moon should soothe the reader of the story and hopefully the baby / toddler who is being read to.  KG

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