KRASNOSTEIN, Alisa & Julia Rios (eds) Kaleidoscope Twelfth Planet Press, 2014 435pp $22.95 pbk ISBN 9781922101112 SCIS 1676295

This is a collection of twenty YA science fiction and fantasy short stories from a wide range of authors, both well-known and newer.  The common theme running through these stories is one of diversity, so characters have a wide range of cultural backgrounds, have disabilities, are LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender), have mental illnesses – to name a few.  Apart from this theme, the stories vary widely in subject, setting and action.

It’s rare to find a collection of short stories such as this, where stories written by different authors all meet the same high standard.  Each story is instantly engaging, the characters are interesting and they all maintain pace and interest.  This collection will appeal especially to science fiction and fantasy fans, but the stories are so well written they could find an audience outside of fans of the genre.  It would be suitable for upper secondary students, and would do well in high school and public libraries.  Highly recommended.

reviewed by Rebecca Kemble

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