It’s Hard to Love a Tiger


Anna Pignataro, It’s Hard to Love a Tiger, Scholastic Australia, June 2018, 24pp., $16.99 (hbk),  ISBN: 9781743817582

This delightful rhyming picture book for children 3+ describes a series of imaginative scenarios explaining why it’s hard to love a tiger…

It’s hard to love a tiger/in the ballet class you do/especially when he gallops in your fluffy pink tutu.

Be it at a soccer match, tea party or pastry shop, author/illustrator Anna Pignataro’s playfully imaginative story will have readers falling in love with this troublesome but good-natured tiger. Cheery illustrations of the young girl/narrator and her friendly feline companion are heart-warming and giggle inducing.

A fun book begging to be read-aloud.

Reviewed by Julie Murphy

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