The Intern



TOZER, Gabrielle The Intern A & R, 2014 323pp $16.99 pbk+e ISBN 9780732297053 SCIS 1649623

Josie Browning is a Straight A type of girl, studying journalism at uni and about to commence an internship at Sash magazine.  This is a great break, except Josie is a fashion disaster and a novice in the ways of love; she expects all this will limit her prospects of features writing in a glam mag.  Gabrielle Tozer herself was an intern at a fashion magazine and she writes with the knowing observation of one who has attended photo shoots, interviewed boy bands and endured the lackey jobs of being the new kid on the block.  Josie is a charming character and Tozer writes with a great sense of fun and warmth towards the magazine industry.  Whilst Josie has left school and has a few romantic liaisons, this novel is very innocent and would be appropriate for older adolescents.  Think of a very tame The Devil Wears Prada, and you have The Intern.

reviewed by Angie Holst

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