I Got This Hat


i got this hat

TEMPLE, Jol & Kate (text) Jon Foye (illus.) I Got This Hat ABC, 2013 unpaged $24.99 ISBN 9780733332067 SCIS 1635956

We wear hats for many different reasons.  This quirky book is all about wearing hats for fun in a simple yet effective tale, fabulously designed and brought to life through playful watercolour illustrations.  Each double page spread has text on one side with a corresponding illustration on the other.  The text looks handwritten in large, red block letters, declaring (almost shouting) e.g. ‘I got this hat in China’.  On the opposing page a child peeks out from underneath the respective hat.  But which hat will the child wear to bed?

I love the blurb, ‘If you enjoy wearing hats, you’ll enjoy this book.  But please don’t wear it as a hat.  It will fall off.’ This book could be the stimulus for much delightful play with hats – dress up hats, making hats and comparing funny hat stories.  To add to the fun, there is a facebook page and book app available.  See http://igotthishat.com.  Recommended for preschoolers.  SS

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