Hooray for Hat!


hooray for hat

WON, Brian Hooray for Hat! Koala, 2014 unpaged $14.99 pbk ISBN 9781742761138 SCIS 1675771

Here is a picture book about animals that deal with difficult emotions by giving each other hats.  Trying on hats is certainly a very good way of cheering yourself up if you are feeling grumpy, as most children will attest due to their play in the dress up corner.

The book is also colourful with very funny pictures: my favourite being the grumpy turtle with a black squiggle over his head to symbolise how rotten he is feeling.  I also liked the increased size in font when each animal said, ‘GO AWAY! I’M GRUMPY!’ or ‘HOORAY FOR HAT’.  It would be fun to read aloud.  Suitable for pre-schoolers and children who are learning to read aloud.

reviewed by Katy Gerner

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