First Day


first day

DADDO, Andrew (text) Jonathan Bentley (illus.) First Day ABC, 2013 unpaged $24.99 ISBN 9780733331206 SCIS 1642089

A mother and a daughter are preparing for the daughter’s first day of school.  It’s a classic picture book theme, though this one is firmly set in the 21st century as it includes a double-page spread of the mother and daughter taking selfies on a phone!  We hear the mother reassuring the daughter as they’re getting ready for school, but at the end of the book it’s the daughter who is reassuring the mother.

The scenario is very relatable and familiar for young families.  The text is what all good picture book text should be, sparse but to the point, and leaving plenty of room for the illustrator to add to the story.  Which is what he does – the illustrations enhance the text well and create the characters of the mother and daughter.  Recommended, especially for families with children starting school.  RK

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