Edie’s Experiments: How to be the Best


Charlotte Barkla (text) and Sandy Flett (illustrator), Edie’s Experiments: How to be the Best, Puffin Books, July 2020, 240 pp., RRP $14.99 (pbk), ISBN 9781760891763 

In the second book in this very fun series, Edie LOVES science. To her, there are no shortage of experiments a scientist can perform, like the Teacher Sock Colour Experiment and a Tuckshop Line Length Survey. When Edie’s teacher announces the Cedar Rd Primary Eco Competition to find the best environmental solutions to make their school greener, Edie and her best friend Annie B are determined to win, especially when the first prize is a TEL-5X Telescope. But when an old student returns having spent the previous year at The Science Academy, Edie’s hopes aren’t quite so high, and there is something about Dean she doesn’t trust and it soon turns out he is willing to do anything he can to win that prize. 

This book is fast-paced, enjoyable and full of pages of scientific experiments that are a mixture of fact and fun! Edie is incredibly likeable and her energetic personality and sometimes flawed, over-the-top plans, create an action-packed read with lots of laughter thoughtful eco ideas.   

Reviewed by Deb Abela 

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