Davy & the Duckling


davy and the duckling

WILD, Margaret (text) Julie Vivas (illus.) Davy & the Duckling Penguin, 2013 unpaged $24.99 ISBN 9780670075614 SCIS 1614365

Wild and Vivas have created an exquisite new story.  The book has feathery end papers and begins the narrative on the title page, showing Davy discovering a nest of duck eggs.  There is an instantaneous connection made between Davy and the duckling, upon looking into each other’s eyes.  Duckling follows Davy everywhere.

The text and illustrations create a gentle and moving story of love, loss, aging and caring for loved ones.  It is also a life cycle story which follows the milestones in Davy’s life; friendship, loss, graduation, marriage, and the birth of a first child.  Wild weaves her magical words while Vivas delivers soft watercolour illustrations that convey emotions through body language and facial expressions.  Ages 4-8 Highly Recommended LBa

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