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Danny Parker (text),  Matt Ottley (illus.),  Crusts,  Little Hare,  1 August 2016, 32pp.,  $24.99 (hbk),  ISBN 9781742979830

The Parker/Ottley duo is back for another fresh perspective on life’s everyday tribulations. Like many boys, Jo doesn’t heed his mothers’ requests to eat up his crusts. Instead he stashes them away in the shed and makes up a story about aliens who need them to save their planet. The two tales (real and fantasy) are told in separate fonts and illustration styles, with the aliens’ comments boxed in to show the reader these are occurring in Jo’s imagination. The complication of these layouts plus the intricacies of Jo’s plans and inventions will appeal to older picture book readers. Pictorial elements are exaggerated cartoon-style and the book has the mature feel of a graphic novel. I did however find some of the image plot a little hard to follow. This book may encourage reluctant male readers.  Suitable for over 5’s.

Reviewed by Liz Anelli

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