Billy’s Big Day Out


Billy's Big day out

STEPHENSON, Dale L. (text) Craig Boase (illus.) Billy’s Big Day Out Xlibris, 2014 32pp $34.99 pbk+e ISBN 9781493133253

Billy’s Big Day Out is a children’s picture book about a small dog who explores a farm where he can enjoy his hobby of licking (unappreciative) barn yard animals.  It is a good book for children who are just learning to read.  The words chosen are simple and there are one to two sentences per page with some repetition and alliteration and the story is written, largely, in the simple past tense.  Children will also like the gentle humour and the inevitable consequences for Billy’s poorly thought through but well meaning actions.

The pictures are very entertaining, although not always well drawn.  Boase’s sketches of cats and people are a little odd, but his sketches of sheep and hens are great.  I particularly liked the sketch of an enraged hen and Billy’s wide eyes indicating that he has realised that he is in trouble.  Suitable for pre-schoolers and children who are learning to read aloud.

reviewed by Katy Gerner

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