Almost Dead


almost dead

DELANEY, Kaz Almost Dead Allen & Unwin, 2014 400pp $15.99+e ISBN 9781743313268 SCIS 1641267

Macey Pentecost sees dead people.  However, that’s the least of her problems.  Macey has recently been plagued by ghosts of dead people who hover around her at home in an annoying and distracting fashion.  However new ‘guest’ Nick denies he is dead, and may in fact have been sent as a warning to the strident Macey who has been a little too negative in her post about local band Pashon on her blog.

Nick, the lead singer of Pashon, is in fact in a coma in hospital but visiting him there leads Macey to team up with his cute cousin Finn to help uncover who is stalking her and threatening still greater harm.

You may have to forgive the coincidences of the plot in this novel and just relax and enjoy the references to shopping and fashion on the Gold Coast while you are trying to solve the mystery.  Good escapist fun to read while you are dreaming of ‘schoolies’ or another summer holiday.

reviewed by Christine Oughtred

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