A Treasury of NZ Poems for Children


treasury of NZ poems for children

GREEN, Paula (ed) Jenny Cooper (illus.) A Treasury of NZ Poems for Children Random House (NZ), 288pp NZ$37.99 ISBN 9781775533566 SCIS 1684943

From time-to-time a book is produced that is a must for every school library, let alone class library.  This is one.  Sourced from a range of previously published books/poets as well as contemporary unpublished works inclusive of children’s own voices, this compendium of poems is essential as a source for classroom work, let alone a wonderful gift for that quirky young poet-in-the-making.  Additionally, the illustrations by a leading illustrator add colour and life (as well as visual provocation) to the collection.  The production of the book as object is high quality where the pleasure of words, the quirkiness of ‘what if?’ thinking, the variety of poems and perspectives, and the evocation of the illustrations combine to communicate many people’s love of language.  Highly recommended.

reviewed by John McKenzie

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