A Swim in the Sea


swim in the sea

WHITING, Sue (text) Meredith Thomas (illus.) A Swim in the Sea Walker, 2013 unpaged A$27.95 NZ$29.99 ISBN 9781921150494 SCIS 1626641

This is a beautifully illustrated book depicting Bruno and his family as they visit the beach for the first time.  The deep blue sea can be scary for young children and at first Bruno does not like it, all he wants to do is hide.  Eventually his family convince him to help build a sand city, complete with roads and walls.  However, the sea gradually encroaches on his city dumping waves and creating a small paddling pool – just to Bruno’s liking.  With summer upon us, this is a great book for children who are scared of the ocean.  Bruno overcomes his fear and enjoys a family day at the beach.  KP

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