Vanilla Ice Cream


Vanilla ice cream

GRAHAM, Bob Vanilla Ice Cream Walker, 2014 unpaged $27.95 ISBN 9781406350098 SCIS 1671870

What does a little girl with an ice cream cone have in common with a bird from the other side of the world?  The story begins with a young sparrow—curious and bold, free to go where he wants—who finds a sack of rice in India and follows the food over the oceans and through storms.  Eventually a new dawn reveals the sparrow has travelled to a large city.  In the middle of the city in botanical gardens, the sparrow meets Edie and her grandparents.  Edie is curious, like the sparrow, and through a series of events finds a vanilla ice cream cone landing in her lap.

As with all Bob Graham books, this is a wonderfully illustrated book and explores the issues of sameness in a global world and our connection with nature.  While we may live in different countries on different continents the human experience remains the same.

reviewed by Katie Poidomani

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