The Ultimate Animal Counting Book


Jennifer Cossins, The Ultimate Animal Counting Book, Lothian, April 2019, 136 pp., RRP $29.99 (hbk), ISBN: 9780734418852 RRP $29.99

From blue whale to fairy fly, with pages organised in descending order of species size, the reader cannot fail to learn from this counting book. Another amazing value full-colour illustrated picture book filled with fascinating facts for readers of all ages from the author of CBCA Honour Book A-Z of Endangered Animals and the intriguing 101 Collective Nouns. Cossins packs the volume with bright graphic illustrations tightly composed against the white page. The mixture of sub species coupled with their varied stances, bold colours and close proximities makes counting each animal really hard and will challenge and even frustrate readers! In my opinion this is to be applauded, as it extends the readership age and longevity of interest.

This book will keep readers occupied for hours as they look for patterns and strategies for keeping tally of zebras, pandas, magpies, moths, pipefish and planthoppers – to name just a few – from all around the world.

Reviewed by Liz Anelli

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