The Stone Lion


stone lion

WILD, Margaret (text) Ritva Voutila (illus.) The Stone Lion Little Hare, 2014 unpaged $24.95 ISBN 9781921894855 SCIS 1657423

If you have ever been to London, you might remember the stone lion outside the British Museum.  Margaret Wild, in this whimsical story, sets him outside the library instead.  Here the lion tells the gargoyle that he would love to be alive and the gargoyle says that sometimes a great and generous heart will allow that.  The lion is rewarded by rescuing two homeless children from the bleak winter cold.

The story has something of the tone of Han Christian Andersen or even Oscar Wilde about it and reaches deep into the emotions of the reader.  The beautiful colour spreads in soft dreamy pastels add to the miracle found in the story with both words and illustrations combining to make this production a ‘must have’ addition for any junior collection.

reviewed by John Cohen



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  2. Carmel Casale on

    Awesome book!
    My grade 4/5’s were silent the whole way through while reading the text.
    Great vocabulary and illustration.

  3. Hi I am a student from St martin de porres I am really impressed how you write. I will give a big thanks to your illustrator. I am doing your book for my schools book week and I hope you know this song it’s man in the mirror by Micheal Jackson and I hope your book wins Love Mia

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