Stanley the Sock Monster Goes to the Moon


stanley the sock monster

ROBAARD, Jedda Stanley the Sock Monster Goes to the Moon Five Mile Press, 2013 $16.99 ISBN 9781743467893 SCIS 1639751

Stanley the sock monster is obsessed.  He is desperate to go to the moon.  His favourite night-time story is To the moon and back and his Dad reads it to him every night.  Dad tells him ‘You can go anywhere you imagine.’ Stanley begins to plan for his big adventure.  He has books, notes, a pin-board covered in sketches and plenty of ideas.  But none of them work and his friends are not much help, not even the cow who was said to have jumped over the moon.  Things improve, however, when he gets practical, makes a rocket and achieves his dream ‘which was just as wonderful as Stanley had always imagined’.

An appealing tale of persistence rewarded.  Stanley is a delightful character, Robaard’s simple text and fresh, naive-style pastel illustrations are full of expression, gentle humour and whimsical charm.  The book’s design is beautiful and clean, clever and varied.  A lovely book, with a great atmosphere.  Highly recommended for all ages.

reviewed by Joy Steward

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