Older Reader Sequels : new in the world of OR….


ignite meAllen & Unwin The Juliette Chronicles #3 & conclusion Ignite Me Tahereh Mafi ($15.99 pbk)


The Last Trilogy #2 The Last Shot Michael Adams ($19.99 pbk)last shot


Trouble Twisters #4 Missing, Presumed Evil Garth Nix & Sean Williams ($12.99 pbk)


Constable & Robinson/Much-in-Little Fairyland #3 The Girl who Soared Over Fairyland and Cut the Moon in Two Catherynne M. Valente ($19.99 pbk)


Black WarriorHarperCollins/A&R Roxy Ran #3 & conclusion Black Warrior Tiffiny Hall ($14.99 pbk +e)


Slave Girl #2 Talk Like An Ancient Egyptian Alexa Moses ($16.99 pbk)Talk like an Egyptian


Scholastic The Last Thirteen #4 & #5, 10 & 9 James Phelan ($14.99 pbk)



shadow sisterWalker/Black DogDragonkeeper Book Five Shadow Sister Carole Wilkinson ($24.95)



Random House Belmont Hill series: Showdown Remy Lacroix ($15.95 pbk +e)


Brotherband #4 Slaves of Socorro John Flanagan ($17.99 pbk +e) slaves of socorro


Red Fox Mission Survival #7 Rage of the Rhino Bear Grylls ($14.99 pbk)



More in Text Classics To the Wild Sky Ivan Southall/Intro Kirsty Murray (A$12.95 NZ$15.99 pbk +e)



confusion of princesNew edition of A Confusion of Princes + an exclusive short story Master Haddad’s Holiday Garth Nix (Allen & Unwin $15.99 pbk)

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