The Nose



HENDRY Lorna The Nose Wild Dog (Body Parts), 2014 24pp $14.99 pbk ISBN 9781742033266 SCIS 1661422

This is an educational romp through the olfactory functions of human and animal noses.  It contains snappy text about the wonders of noses, and very interesting and different facts.  For example, did you know bears can smell food from nearly 30kms away?  The photographs in this book are bright and engaging, although it is hard to look at the extreme close-ups for too long without your eyes going a bit fuzzy.  A couple of photos have a ‘yuck’ factor but they are as interesting as they are confronting for young readers.  Overall this book is an enjoyable snapshot into the wonders of noses.  Teachers notes are available from the publisher’s website.

reviewed by Jane Carstens

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