Mummy Cuddle


Kate Mayes (text) and Sara Acton (illustrator), Mummy Cuddle, ABC Books, March 2019, RRP $19.99 (hbk), ISBN 9780733339431

Following the treasured tale, Daddy Cuddle, by bestselling author and illustrator duo, Kate Mayes and Sara Acton, is a new one especially for expectant mums, new mums and grand-mums; it’s the adorable Mummy Cuddle.

There’s nothing better than a snuggle and cuddle with Mummy Bunny on a quiet and dark evening. But first, of course, it’s time to play! In an effortless bounce between line and word, the young bunny tests the boundaries with frivolity and determination to stay wide awake with Mummy at the whim. A simple, short and sharp plea for ‘Mummy play?’, milk, brush, apple, book, sing, and so on is so obviously effective but also short-lived as the mother rabbit promptly (and patiently) continues to soothe and comfort her little one to bed. There’s no question now about how tiring this daily routine is for us parents!

Mummy Cuddle is a truly charming tale of a special bond between mother and child. No doubt this latest edition will be as adored as much as its predecessor. Text and pictures together are simply divine. One big cuddle all wrapped up in a little book. Highly recommended.

Reviewed by Romi Sharp

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