Message in a Sock


Kaye Baillie (text), Narelda Joy (illus.),  Message in a Sock, Midnight Sun , April 2018, 32pp., $27.99 (hbk),  ISBN: 9781925227383

Transporting the reader to a moment in history, this story explores and celebrates female heroes while honouring the ANZACs and their families.

Message in a Sock highlights the importance of unity and the impact the role of each person has on the task at hand. Tammy’s mother is dedicated to knitting warm socks to be sent to the soldiers at war. Tammy’s important role is to wash and dry the socks in preparation for sending. Throughout this project Tammy often talks or reflects about her dad and learns that, while she cannot lovingly send a pair of socks directly to him, the socks she does send to the soldiers show caring and support for them all.

‘Every stitch is made with love to help bring you safely home.’

Tammy writes a note to her dad and puts it in the toe of a pair of the socks, and while he does not receive her note and socks, another soldier does. This soldier writes to Tammy to show appreciation for her kindness and reaffirms why these socks are so valuable and precious. They are a source of hope, comfort and warmth; and a reminder of home and the loved ones waiting for the soldier’s return.

The illustrations are collages with an old world feel. They are simple, yet have interesting perspectives, such as bird’s eye views, to represent the different time in which the story is set.

This book suits the older of the early years and younger primary ages.

Teachers’ Notes are available on the Midnight Sun website.

Reviewed by Raquel Mayman

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