Little Piggy’s Got No Moves


little piggys got no moves

JELLETT, Tom (illus.) Phillip Gwynne & Eliza McCann (text) Little Piggy’s Got No Moves Little Hare, 2013 unpaged $24.95 ISBN 9781921894251 SCIS 1632048

This vibrant story of the Piggy family rocks and shakes as every other creature living in the street shows their dances while the Piggy elders and siblings shake their heads and say ‘Us piggies, we’ve got no moves’.  But it’s disco night at school and everyone is going, so despite their lack of style, the Piggy family joins the others trekking to the party and guess what?  Little Piggy has got moves!

The vibrant illustrations in this book make it a mover and shaker.  The double spread insertions of animal families making their way down the suburban street to the school are particular winners, with a great feeling of community and movement.  The fold-out page of Little Piggy leading the others (including his reluctant family) in dance extends the movement off the page.  The end pages are also included in the story, and the final one shows houses lit with friendly yellow as families settle in for the night.  A book to dance to.  PH

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