BECKER, Aaron Journey Candlewick, 2013 unpaged $27.95 ISBN 9780763660536 SCIS 1645729

For the child imagination is infinite and Becker has entered this world of wonder and delight.  There appears to be an eye on Steam Punk genre as a little girl seemingly lost in an adult city world takes flight into her imagination.  She uses her coloured pencils and enters a magical kingdom full of light and adventure.  She sails through a medieval city and then launches off in her red balloon passing fantastic flying machines, escaping capture by the airsoldiers, and then moving through the night until she finds a door in a tree.  She returns safely home having been enriched by her experiences which she shares with a young playmate.  This is a wordless book but will repay close attention, not only to the fine details within the illustrations but also challenging young viewers to speculate on their own created worlds.  This is a book to charm and stimulate all who read it.

reviewed by John Cohen

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