The Hole



TORSETER, Øyvind The Hole WilkinsFarago, 2014 unpaged $29.99 ISBN 9780987109989 SCIS 1651671

This book comes with an actual real hole about a .5cm in diameter right through the book.  There is nothing imaginary about it but it is the catalyst for an amusing and quirky flight of fancy around it.  A person is unpacking in his new apartment when he discovers that he shares it with a moving hole.  He captures it in a box and takes it to a scientist for analysis and goes home.  This simple journey provides endless opportunity to show the hole as the wheel of a car, the eye of a passer-by, a manhole, part of a traffic light – you get the idea.  It is charming but does leave the impression of being a series of artistic exercises – hmm, what can we do with a hole in a page?

Whimsical and entertaining, the book maintains interest and engagement despite its low key ending.  Almost wordless with minimal colour and line it will amuse the reader but I wonder how many will pick it up to reread.

reviewed by Mia Macrossan

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