Hello From Nowhere


hello from nowhere

CAISLEY, Raewyn (text) Karen Blair (illus.) Hello From Nowhere Viking, 2014 unpaged $24.99 ISBN 9780670075003 SCIS 1675360

Eve lives in a roadhouse in the middle of the Nullarbor.  When her much loved grandmother finally comes to visit, Eve delights in introducing her to the menagerie of wildlife that live around the roadhouse and the numerous locals and backpackers who regularly call in.  The most memorable shared experiences happen at dawn and in the evening, with a tender depiction of the joy of sharing special times that will resonate with many young readers.  The illustrations depict Eve as an endearing, intrepid little girl making the most of her isolated existence.  Young readers will enjoy the endpaper illustrations that depict Eve’s drawings.  Ages 3-6.

reviewed by Elizabeth Douglas

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