100 People


100 people

SEBE, Masayuki 100 People Gecko Press, 2013 24pp NZ$19.99 pbk ISBN 9781877579875 SCIS 1636466

For those who recall Sebe’s previous works Dinosaurs Galore and 100 Things, the pleasure of the activity picture book will be reiterated in this text.  What is truly worthwhile in these texts is the learning that picture books demand time from the reader and though words/narrative demand that we turn quickly to the next page to find what happens next, pictures/images demand us to slow down and explore the minutiae of detail.  Each of the ten double-page spreads in this book would have taken hours to construct and readers will also need to give time to each spread.  This text then will appeal to the child who likes the meticulous and the fastidious, the forensic detective-in-the-making.  Each page demands the reader to search the profiles of 100 people and answer the questions that the text poses.  As the text says: it is time to play hide-and-seek!  Recommended.  JMcK

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