Andrew Plant, Jump!, Ford Street Publishing, March 2020, 32 pp., $16.95 (pbk), ISBN 9781925804461 

When a colony of Quigs hatch from their eggs, they proudly jump from the tower where they live to play in the busy city below. All except Stumpy whose tail and fins are not yet fully developed. The others make fun of him relentlessly however he finally wins out, learning to fly beautifully rather than simply jump. Lessons of enduring against the bullies well learnt; perhaps a pity that Stumpy did not then change the cruel name he’d been given to something more positive to reflect his new life. The illustrations depict an imaginary world of intricately designed towers in an industrial setting, all in a predominantly bright yellow palette. There is minimal text with three double-page spreads having no text at all. Ages 3-6. 

Reviewed by Elizabeth Douglas 

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