Daisy Runs Wild


Caz Goodwin (text) and Ashley King (illustrator), Daisy Runs Wild, Hardie Grant Egmont, March 2020, 32 pp., $19.99 (hbk), ISBN 9781760503055 

An amusing tale of a small koala, Daisy, who creates havoc when she careers around town disrupting cricket and croquet games, knocking over a lady, ruining a picnic and so on until finally the reason for her hyperactivity is discovered and she calms down.  The story is related in galloping rhyming couplets set in a large typeface. The colourful illustrations depict a wonderful range of facial expressions from dismay to anger, amusement to anguish, and they do create a sense of Daisy’s speedy agility as she continues to avoid capture. A sequel – and contrast – to the earlier published Lazy Daisy. Ages 3-6. 

Reviewed by Elizabeth Douglas 

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