The Playground is Like a Jungle


playground is like a jungle

Shona Innes (text)  Irisz Agocs (illustrations),  The Playground is Like the Jungle (A Big Hug Book),  Five Mile Press,  January 2015,  $14.95,  32pp.,  ISBN 978 176006 4150

This is one of a series of three books written to support positive interventions in early childhood behaviours.  As such it has a rather dogged and prescriptive approach and falls below the uplifting tenor of a book written by a dedicated and imaginative children’s author.

The jungle is a curious mix of a world of animals who certainly seem ill at ease in one another’s company.  It feels very much like a story that needs adult clarification, rather than one to be read by a child for the pure joy.

reviewed by Chris Dayman

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