Rosie to the Rescue



FLUX ANIMATION (illus.) Kyle Mewburn (text) Rosie to the Rescue Random House, 2013 unpaged NZ$19.99 pbk ISBN 9781775535737 SCIS 1643066

The stunning use of animation here where the cartoon style generally representing character is superimposed on photographs representing landscape almost literally brings this story alive as it were.  What happens when floods come, bridges are down and udders are full?  How do you get the milk to the townies?  The cat thinks of a catapult which inspires Rosie the cow to think of flight.  Well, Wilbur Wright got it right so will Rosie win?  Well, kiwis all know about Number 8 wire and that necessity is the mother of invention.  And Rosie has that kiwi spirit within; but things don’t always go to plan.  With a slight scatological touch in the illustrations, milk pours down from above and all the townies enjoy the milkdrops!  Nothing like ‘herd power.’

This is a great book for younger townie children to begin the journey of finding about the importance of the dairy industry in NZ both from a Health perspective as well as an economic perspective.  Be wary of teachers who use No.  8 wire in their planning though!  JMcK

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