How the Sun Got to Coco’s House


how the sun got to cocos house

Bob Graham, How the Sun Got to Coco’s House, Walker Books, 1 August 2015, 32pp., $24.95 (hbk), ISBN 9781406359008

It’s night time at Coco’s house. As she sleeps the sun is rising in a faraway place seeking out polar bears and fishing boats, glinting in the eye of a whale, gliding over forests and towns, deserts and cities until it barges through Coco’s window and spends the day with her.

Following on from his award winning Silver Buttons, Bob Graham explores the concept of time again, capturing moments as the sun rises across the world. Using personification and verb phrases, his prose provides snapshots of action.

The beautiful illustrations complement and extend the story. This multilayered book offers many opportunities for discussion about time, weather, countries of the world, the earth’s place in space, direction, personification, prepositions, verb groups, visual literacy and our global interconnectedness.

Recommended for preschoolers to middle primary. A must for the school library.  Classroom Ideas can be found on the Scholastic resource files webpage.

Reviewed by Sharon Seymour

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